Canada Medical Transcription Company

24 hour Turnaround Time

Upload your audio file and receive your medical transcribed document within 24 hours.

Canada Medical Transcription Company provides medical transcription services only.

Our 200 clients are based all over Canada including Toronto, Vancouver, Winnipeg, Calgary, Edmonton, Hamilton, Halifax, Windsor, Sudbury, Thunder Bay and Moncton to name few.

Unlike other companies we only specialize in medical transcription.

Since inception Canada Medical Transcription Company has focused on quality and nearly 100% accurate transcriptions.

Canada Medical Transcription Company is fully compliant with Personal Health Information Protection Act (PHIPA).

Fast Turnaround Time

All transcriptions completed within 24 hours.

Our Medical Transcribers

Most of our transcribers have a graduates of recognized transcription programs. Our transcribers take pride in their work and our passionate about error-free transcriptions.

Our Quality Control Supervisors

Once the transcription is completed by Medical transcriber, the transcribed document then is reviewed by our quality control supervisors to ensure 99% accuracy rate on all transcribed documents.

Modern technology of 2019

Modern technology has changed the field of medical transcriptions and Canada Medical Transcription Company has kept up with the latest technology.

Simple Technological Methodology for our clients
  • Online-based transcriptions in 2 steps: upload the dictation and download the transcription.
  • Record your voice dictation using any of the following: handheld digital recorder or PDA, iphone, Android phone
  • Upload your voice dictation to our secure server
  • Telephone dictation via a toll-free dial-in service available non-stop for our clients (no upload needed)
  • After 24 hours download your 100% accurate transcription in a file format of your choosing from our secure server
  • That’s it. You are done!

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